Quality Management Systems

What is QMS?

Dentakay Labs takes pride in our Quality Management System (QMS) which ensures that we maintain a high level of excellence in all our dental lab work.
Our QMS is a comprehensive set of procedures that covers all aspects of our work, from receiving a dental impression to delivering the final restoration.

Expert Technicians Quality Reviews

This system ensures that we adhere to strict quality control measures, including using only the highest quality materials and equipment, implementing thorough inspection processes, and continuous training of our technicians to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies.
Our QMS is regularly reviewed and audited to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards in the industry.


By following these rigorous processes, we are able to consistently deliver dental restorations that are of the highest quality, ensuring our clients’ satisfaction and patients’ well-being.

Why Choose Quality?

You don’t have to compromise quality over time of delivery, nor the profits of benefitting our logistic planning and support services.

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