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Why is Logistic Planning important?

Logistic planning is crucial in a dental laboratory as it helps to ensure the smooth and efficientflow of materials and information between different stages of the production process.
Our Laboratories support you in the logistic planning to help you in the following 👇:

Timely Delivery of Products

Our dental laboratory can deliver its products to clients on time thanks to effective logistic planning.
This is crucial since our clients depend on prompt delivery to satisfy the demands of their own patients.

Reduced Errors and Rework

Dentakay Labs takes pride in our Quality Management System (QMS) which ensures that we maintain a high level of excellence in all our dental lab work.
Our QMS is a comprehensive set of procedures that covers all aspects of our work, from receiving a dental impression to delivering the final restoration.

Cost Savings

We save everyone money by decreasing the demand pressure on the materials needed to produce the dental units.
Our logistic planning ensures smooth flow between our inventory and labs’ location.
eliminating the hustle for rush orders and limiting the quantity of lost materials or units in the delivery process.

Enhance Productivity

Streamlining the production process is an essential part for our clients needs and orders of dental units.
Our efficient logistic planning helps us to produce more units in less time, therefore, reduce costs and increase profitability for us and our clients.

Choose Quality and Profit?

You don’t have to compromise quality over time of delivery, nor the profits of benefitting our logistic planning and support services.

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