3D Prints

The emergence of the intraoral scanner in the dental industry has brought about a radical shift, and Dentakay Labs has remained at the forefront of this technological advancement.
With the advent of 3D printers, dentists and dental laboratories can now produce dental prosthesis with much greater ease and accuracy, while also reducing production time.

What was it used for?

Originally, 3D printers were used only for the production of models, but as the number of materials available for printing has increased, new opportunities have arisen to create auxiliary products and even temporary dentures. At Dentakay Labs, we have embraced this shift and continuously expanded our printer inventory, as well as our selection of high-quality printing materials. By doing so, we offer our clients:

  • A superior product that is both efficient and accurate.
  • In comparison to traditional production methods, the 3D printing technique has opened up new avenues of innovation and creativity in the dental industry.
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